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Accredited Investor Verification

Manager Background Verification

  • Turn Key Hedge Funds, Inc. (“TKHF”) requires fund managers, principals, investment advisors and supervisory personnel to provide background information on the management company or investment advisory firm, as well as key principals, as part of the TKHF due diligence and the SEC regulatory compliance process prior to participating on the TKHF platform
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  • The cost is $195 (up to 4 principals) and $295 (up to 8 principals).

DUNCAN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES, LLC acts as your fund’s accounting staff by providing:

  • Accounting for your Fund’s holdings and all transactions. All investment products are supported. We maintain your Fund’s General Ledger, Trial Balance, and NAV calculation and produce GAAP Financial Statements including Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, and Partner Allocations.
  • IRS approved layering and aggregate allocation methods for the allocation of gains and losses between investors. Section 754 elections are available as are FIFO, LIFO or weighted average tax lot accounting methods.
  • General ledger reconciled to balances and trading activity for all accounts.  Multi-currency reporting, including recording FX gain or loss in securities outside the base currency.  Record management and performance fees by individual partners and/or classes including high water marks, benchmarking and hurdle rates.
  • Full accounting and bookkeeping for the Management Company.

Using DUNCAN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES, LLC means there is no additional work at tax time. DUNCAN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES, LLC coordinates the following tax reporting services:

  • IRS approved tax lot methods, all products and investment types.
  • Complete tax return for the Fund including detailed supporting schedules and Partner K-1s
  • Tax lot matching for detailed Schedule D reporting.
  • Full tax services for the Management Company.

The Fund’s focus needs to be on its investors and managing the portfolio. DUNCAN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES, LLC performs as the Fund’s back office, providing:

  • Independent third party reporting to investors, prospective investors and hedge fund databases.
  • Quarterly Compilation reporting (monthly available).
  • Client servicing and investor report distribution.
  • Cash management controls.
  • Processing of subscriptions and redemptions.
  • Audit support.
  • Generation of Fund Statistics and comprehensive reporting packages.

DUNCAN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES, LLC provides compliance management services aimed at ensuring that the Fund is always in compliance. These services include:

  • Compliance calendar and checklist.
  • Investment advisor and hedge fund compliance manuals.
  • Compliance audit assistance.
  • Implementation of policies and procedures.
  • Blue Sky filings.
  • Form D filings.
  • Web site compliance.
  • Assistance in the appointment of a chief compliance officer.

To learn more about the exceptional services and solutions DUNCAN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES, LLC delivers, please contact us at 888.263.4774.