Duncan Administration


Every venture requires unique expertise for success. DUNCAN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES, LLC offers broad knowledge in accounting, finance, marketing, regulatory, and business, all combining to drive your Fund’s success.

Small Funds often have a problem instilling confidence in investors outside of friends and family. The Fund must be able to demonstrate a management team that is not dependent upon one or two people.

While the ability for Funds to market themselves is limited, there are a number of things a Fund needs to do to properly present itself. DUNCAN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES, LLC has years of experience that can be put into presenting your Fund. DUNCAN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES, LLC will:

  • Create brochures and Fund presentation materials.
  • Provide independent third party reporting.
  • Establish Funds in important hedge fund listing databases.
  • Prepare Funds for presentation to institutional investors, creating materials specifically focused on what large investors need to see.

The primary purpose of your Fund’s web site is to provide information on your Fund to current and prospective investors. Access must be secure and certain disclaimers and disclosures must be included within the site. DUNCAN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES, LLC will provide:

  • Assistance in the design and development of your Fund’s secure, password-protected web site.
  • All sites SEC Lamp Technologies No Action Letter-compliant.
  • Client interface supported with account access and a portal for prospective investors.
  • Comprehensive fund statistics.
  • Simple screening process and forms to qualify potential investors.
  • Restricted access to clients and prospects with unique username and log-in information.